Antenna Project – Portable 2m 4el DL6WU Yagi

Portable 4 element 2m (145 MHz) DL6WU Yagi for SOTA weighing 460 grams (1 lb)


  • 4 metre length of 3.1 mm aluminium rod (Alucom)
  • 1 metre length of 27 mm water pipe
  • 2 * plastic end caps
  • 5 * 25 mm PPR plastic pipe clamps (ebay)
  • 3 metres of RG58CU Mil Spec Coax
  • 2 brass terminal blocks
  • 8 cable ties
  • Araldite
  • Tripod Head mount

Dimensions – 6.5 dB gain:

For storage all elements fit inside the 27 mm boom. The driven element insulator will remain clamped to the boom. Combined weight is 460 grams (1 lb), (Antenna, Coax and Tripod Mount).

25 mm PPR pipe clamps

Mounting arrangement for the Reflector, D1 and D2 elements

Driven Element mounting block preparation

Solder one length of twisted braid to the outside of each terminal block, before securing terminal blocks with cable ties

Cut the Driven element (986 mm) in the center for two quater-wave elements each 493 mm long. Due to the extra wire soldered to each terminal block, I had to trim 10 mm off each quarter-wave element to bring the resonant frequency up to 145 MHz.

This antenna can be held in your hand while operating a HT. For convenience I have shown the antenna mounted to a tripod. The combined weight with coax and tripod mount is 460 grams.

Once you have all elements in the correct position drill a hole through R, D1 and D2 clamps and into the boom, but don’t drill through the boom. You can insert a short length of dowel through each plastic clamp into the boom. This will ensure correct element position each time you assemble the antenna. 🙂

The Peak VK2/ST-068 in thick fog

Please feel free to copy the design 🙂

73, Andrew VK1AD

Published: 7 April 2018
Last Update: 7 April 2018