SOTA VK1AD – March 2021 2m – 23cm Activations

The purpose of this post is to share information with fellow radio amateurs, which demonstrates how you can achieve VHF-UHF Dx contacts with as little as 5 watts output on 144.200 MHz and 2.5 watts to 25 watts output on 1296.150 MHz.

Yes, you can also qualify a SOTA peak with a mono or dual band HT on 2m and 70cm. You can achieve greater distances with the use of an external antenna such as the 2m Oblong Loop antenna.

This month’s activations include:

  • Boboyan Range VK1/AC-044

8 March 2021 – Boboyan Range VK1/AC-044 QF44ME 1489m ASL

Longest paths

  • 2m 144.2 MHz SSB VK2DO 110 km
  • 23cm 1296 MHz SSB VK2DO 110 km
8 March 2021 – VK1AD SOTA activation of Boboyan Range on 2m and 23cm bands – Image courtesy of SOTA MAPS
00:06VK1DSH23cmSSBQF44MS Dale s59 r59
00:07VK1KW23cmSSBQF44MT Rob s58 r59
00:08VK1MA23cmSSBQF44MT Matt s51 r51
00:10VK1RX23cmSSBQF44NN Al s51 r51
00:19VK2DO2mSSBQF54CH Chris s59 r59 110 km
00:21VK2DO23cmSSBQF54CH Chris s58 r59 110 km
00:27VK3ZPF/P80mSSBPeter s55 r51 S2S VK3/VN-030
00:29VK1DI/P2mFMIan s59 r59 S2S VK1/AC-038
00:31VK1MA2mFMMatt s59 r59
00:34VK1FELF2mFMElizabeth s59 r57
00:35VK1FDNK2mFMTony s59 r57
00:35VK1LH2mFMLes s59 r57
00:36VK1DB2mFMDermy s55 r59

Oblong Loop Antenna for 144 MHz

2m Oblong Loop antenna

1 thought on “SOTA VK1AD – March 2021 2m – 23cm Activations

  1. Very interesting Andrew. I built an oblong loop for 2m last year.

    It’s also called the Hentenna. Apparently that means strange antenna in Japanese, it’s country of origin.

    Mine was quick and easy to make, relatively broadband,, easy to match and tune, light and easy to carry, and it is horizontally polarised and bidirectional with a small amount of gain broadside.. Much better for 2m SSB than a J-pole. An underrated antenna option!

    73 Paul VK3HN.

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