SOTA VK1AD – January 2021 2m – 23cm Activations

The purpose of this post is to share information with fellow radio amateurs, which demonstrates how you can achieve VHF-UHF Dx contacts with as little as 5 watts output on 144.200 MHz and 2.5 watts to 25 watts output on 1296.150 MHz.

Yes, you can also qualify a SOTA peak with a mono or dual band HT on 2m and 70cm. You can achieve greater distances with the use of an external antenna such as the 2m Oblong Loop antenna.

2 January 2021 – Livingstone Hill VK2/SM-093 QF44NG 932m ASL

Longest path – VK2TWR at Nimmitabel 88km on 1296.150 MHz SSB

2 January 2021 – VK1AD SOTA activation Livingstone Hill on 2m and 23cm – Image courtesy of SOTA MAPS
00:09VK1RX2mSSBQF44NN Al s59 r59
00:13VK1MA2mSSBQF44MT Matt s56 r51
00:21VK1MA23cmSSBQF44MT Matt s51 r51
00:22VK1RX23cmSSBQF44NN Al s59 r59
00:29VK2DO2mSSBQF54CH Chris s56 r52
00:39VK1MF2mSSBMatt s54 r57
00:48VK1KW2mSSBQF44MT Rob s59 r59
00:50VK1KW23cmSSBQF44MT Rob s59 r59
01:03VK3PF/P40mSSBPeter s59 r57 S2S VK3/VE-265
01:09VK2TWR23cmSSBQF32PL Rod s59 r59 88 km 1296.150
01:12VK2TWR2mSSBQF32PL Rod s59 r59
01:16VK3AFW40mSSBRon s59 r59 S2S VK3/VT-022
01:22VK1MA2mFMQF44MT Matt s59 r56
Extract VK1AD SOTA activator log 2 January 2021
2 January 2021 – VK1AD and VK1DA Joint activation of Livingstone Hill

7 January 2021 – Mount Stromlo VK1/AC-043 QF44MP 782m ASL

Equipment – FT817ND, 5m telescopic pole and a 2m flower pot antenna

7 January 2021 – VK1AD SOTA Activation Mount Stromlo on 2m – Image courtesy of SOTA MAPS
07:06VK1DA/P2mSSBAndrew s59 r59 S2S VK1/AC-048
07:08VK1DB2mSSBDermy s59 r59
07:15VK1MIC2mFMWade s59 r59
07:16VK1MA2mFMMatt s59 r59
07:20VK1CC2mFMConrad s59 r59
07:24VK2XDT/M2mFMs59 r59
07:25VK1JP2mFMJohn s59 r59
Extract VK1AD SOTA activator log 7 January 2021