Antenna Project – 2.4 GHz 13cm Yagi for SOTA

I recently purchased a 13cm transverter from SG-Lab. I have constructed a 13cm Bi-Quad antenna for use on local suburban SOTA summits, however I will need a high gain 2.4 GHz antenna for SOTA activations 100+ km from Canberra, but not one as bulky as a Grid-pack antenna or parabolic dish. I have decided to construct a 20 element 2.4 GHz (DL6WU format) yagi. I used VK5DJ’s Yagi Calculator software to generate yagi element dimensions, tolerance is a BIG fat Zero +/- mm. Boom material is wood 18 mm square Western Red Cedar, very stable material. When finished the boom will be coated with a generous coating of Cabothane, hard wearing waterproof clear timber varnish.

I am using the same construction technique as I did for the 12el 23cm (1296 MHz) Yagi. Reflector and driven elements are 3.1 mm aluminium rod, I have a 2 metre length on hand. Drive element material is 1.6 mm copper wire folded by hand, inside diameter is 22 mm. 🙂

13cm 2.4 GHz Yagi Boom Preparation

13 cm 2.403 GHz Yagi Dimensions

VK5DJ – 2.4 GHz DL6WU Yagi Dimensions

12el 23cm Yagi and the new 20el 13cm Yagi with reflector and director elements. Folded dipole is next.

23cm yagi and 13 cm yagi

Testing my first prototype 2.4 GHz folded dipole

2.4 GHz Folded Dipole Assembly

13cm 2.4 GHz folded dipole – 137 mm length of 1.6 mm copper wire. 2403 MHz Impedance balun – 43 mm length of RG402, velocity factor = 69.5%.

13cm folded dipole and balun assembly mounted on a SMA panel mount

SMA Panel Mount

2.4 GHz folded dipole assembly mounted on 6 mm nylon spacers

Homebrew 2.4 GHz Yagi – Balun and Folded dipole assembly

20el 13cm 2.4 GHz DL6WU Yagi – reflector, driven element, D1…D18

20el 13cm 2.4 GHz DL6WU Yagi

20el 2403 MHz (2.4 GHz) DL6WU yagi antenna

First Published: 3 March 2018
Last Update: 3 March 2018

5 thoughts on “Antenna Project – 2.4 GHz 13cm Yagi for SOTA

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  2. Thanks for the feedback Peter. I used Cabothane on the 23cm Yagi, I am planning to do the same for the 13cm version. Cabothane offers a waterproof coating.
    Andrew VK1AD

  3. Andrew,
    It might be worth painting the boom with paint or varnish – the latter would probably look better. Keep the water out of the boom…. Same for the 23 cm version.
    Nicely done on both antennas.

  4. Hi Andrew,
    It looks very impressive. I will be most interested to hear how it performs in the field. It should be good!
    John D

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